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Originally Posted by jaye220 View Post

Sure did.  The GOSM Big Block is the only smoker I own so it gets a lot of work.  I actually cooked at fairly high temps (avg. of 275 or so) as it was an 8 lb. butt that had to be done by 2:30 or so Pacific time.  Set the alarm for 5:30 am, got her on the smoker at 6 and things worked out perfectly.  Smoked with a mix of apple and cherry chunks and kept it in the pan the whole time.  Great stuff all around.

Awesome... I did mine on Frank but was curious as to how well it would turn out on the GOSM

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I'm contemplating doing a porchetta using a pork loin.


Perhaps I missed it, but what did you use to flavor the smoke? I'm thinking about a couple lemons and a hunk of rosemary. Thoughts or suggestions?

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I used cherry,

as far as suggestions any recipe can be tweaked, I however try to make an effort to try a recipe the original way then tweak from there.
We all have individual tastes and will tweak till were happy, (or the misses) is happy.


Keep us posted

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Thanks for the step by step post it looks great

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I LOVE porchetta and never thought to make it with pork butt

I believe it's usually made with a pork loin


In fact, I have a pork loin in the freezer with "PORCHETTA" written all over it!





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Ditto X10


Looks very good and TY for posting.

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I would love to view the pics, but they are are not viewable and when i click on them I get an error msg. Does anyone else have this problem? 

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Raybones, sorry about that.

I have been rebuilding my posts and website for about 7 months... cant remember, anyhow all my photos links were broken when webshots switched to Smile, I have since switched to Flickr.

Post is now fixed Enjoy!


Nice to see this one pop back up.

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OMG! Frankensmoker is BITCHIN" and the pork....... FUGETABOUTIT!!!!

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