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MES 30 Black Smoker

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I was online yesterday and found Wal-Mart had the MES 30 for $159.


They are not available in stores. That being said, they are delivered free to their local store for pick up.

I ordered one to compliment my stash of outdoor cooking appliances.


That is the best price I have seen. Just a note for anyone looking for a good price on a unit that seems

to be a favorite.

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Yep MES rocks on this forum!

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Got one from Walmart last week...It came in 2 days in excellent shape and they shipped it to northern Wisconsin for 12.95 can a person beat that? This model has the upgrades to the smoke box done and the access panel to the wires on the back of the 800 watt element. Excellent value here you get a very nice looking product for 159.00. Super Bowl Party planned with Qview...GO PACKERS

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