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Pure Venison

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Would like to make some sausage with nothing but deer meat. Want to add vegatable oil to keep meat from drying out. Not sure on how much to add & wonder if others have done this.

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I haven't, and I don't think I have seen any venison only recipes for sausage.

Most call for some fat.


Good luck and keep us posted!!



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No ive seen some recipes that call for that but i forget where. I just mix with pork for fresh sausage and smoked and beef for bologna and sticks, I make my own sweet sticks with molasses but i mix beef in with it i could see doing only deer as the molasses would keep them from drying out!

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I have not seen any recipes like you mentioned but I would be worried that they would be dry without any added fat. But then again my wife loves snack stick and sausage very dry. If it has moisture she doesn't like it as much. Strange to me as I am just the opposite.

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Originally Posted by Buzzy View Post

Would like to make some sausage with nothing but deer meat. Want to add vegatable oil to keep meat from drying out. Not sure on how much to add & wonder if others have done this.

I think if you just added oil, it would run/drip out while cooking/smoking.  kind of like fat when it gets too hot, liquifies, and renders out.  The result would be dry sausage with a mealy texture.  Maybe you could also add some kind of binder to hold the oil in? 

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Interesting idea, adding oil. I've never tried it. Please let us know results!


I have made various venison sausages with nothing but pure venison, they were always too dry for my taste.  Now I always add pork (I buy butts on sale, debone & cube them), varies between 25% & 50% pork depending on what I'm making and how much we want.

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can't you add dry powder milk or soy protien concentrate to retain moisture???

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Personally I would add either beef fat or pork fat to make sure its not too dry. When making burger meat I usually use 15% beef fat. When making sausage I use about 25-35% pork butt. When doing summer sausage I do 70% venison, 20% beef and 10% pork

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If you want pure venison sausage, I recommend not adding vegetable oil either and make snack sticks.  Just don't overdry them.  Vegetable oil will stay liquid, and what doesn't run right out of your sausage mix and make a mess of your smoker will give your sausage a greasy texture. 


You will be much happier with the final results from adding beef or pork fat that will stay solid and mixed into your sausage.  You can get pure fat from your local butcher, or buy ground pork or pork butts and grind your own. 


Ground pork and pork butts are usually 80%lean/20%fat.  For a recipe that calls for 25# venison and 25# pork to make 50# sausage, you would only be adding 5# actual fat (20% of 25#pork).  If your goal is to use up your venison and not have a whole bunch of sausage, you would get the same result by combining 25#venison/5#fat and seasoning for 30#.

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OK Found some info that said to use 1/2 cup veg. for 5# or 1/3 cup Crisco for 5#. Now to take the time to try it.

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id go with crisco....since it is already solid, maybe you got a better chance of it staying that why when you smoke it

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The sausagemaker makes a product called fat replacer. I believe it's made of powdered oats. You add it to the meat plus water.  I use it once in a while.

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thats what i was thinking of, thanks man......

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I make my sausage/bologna with pure venison with no problems. When I'm mixing seasonings/cure I use 1 ounce of ice water per pound of meat. I also use soy protein concentrate from which helps to hold the moisture in the sausage. Here is one of the recipes my family loves.


25lbs of pure venison burger double ground.

Trail Bologna mix for 25lbs. (comes with cure)

2 tsp of Soy Protein Concentrate per pound of venison.

1 tsp of Liquid Smoke per 5 pounds of venison.

2 cups of brown sugar.


Mix the Trail Bologna, Cure, Soy Protein, brown sugar, and Liquid Smoke with 25 ounces of ice water and mix well with venison.


The first hour in the smoker is at 145 no smoke. I then smoke adding 10 degrees each hour, but at hour two I add water to the pan to smoke/cook with a moist heat. I keep going until the internal temp of the sausage is 155 then let cool.


I think you will really like it, and the venison won't be dry. It doesn't last long in my house anyway.

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