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Stuffed Veal Loaf Supper & Desert w/Q-view

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I'd been wanting to make a "fattie" for a while now. I decided to make this stuffed veal loaf supper for my parents visiting Sunday.


Seasoned with mignonette pepper, kosher salt and Penzey's Mural Of Flavor ready to go in the cooker:



4.25 hrs. later finished with loganberry balsamic glaze using Lil Man's Jamin' Jelly loganberry syrup, rested 25 min. I used a wood combination of almond and apricot woods for this cook.



Tatters to go along with the meal. Yellow pepper, mushroom, red onion,  white onion, olive oil, mignonette pepper, parmasan cheese, kosher salt.



Loaded with prosciutto, capocollo, garlic primavera Arborio rice, provolone, roasted red peppers, yellow peppers, sliced leek, marinated mushrooms, kalamata olives, parmesan and a touch of fresh oregano, rosemary. Some roasted garlic bread crumbs in the mix. Incorporated the use of strip ground salt pork to hold the meat together. Mignonette pepper, Alaea  Hawaiian sea salt, Mural Of Flavor for flavoring.



Veal loaf, smoked potato melody, garlic pretzel bread, tangy gremolada and some greens to jazz the plate up a bit



A couple of pies to go along with your veal for desert



Raspberry Peach to the left, Cran Apple Nut to the right



Slice of the Raspberry Peach with Greek yogurt apricot jam topping, slivered almond and a bit of mint



A slice of Cran Apple Nut for breakfast the next morning and a hot cup of coffee with a splash of almond milk


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Great job smokermark. The meat looks wonderful and the pie looks real good. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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What a great meal!!!



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Wow Mark,  That makes a person Drool... It all looks great,  especially the PIE...

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I got fat-ter just reading this post. icon_eek.gif  Had to make sure I wasn't I wasn't watching Iron Chef...........

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Looks like some great grub!!! some awesome pies!!!!!icon_eek.gif

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Awesome meal, from start to finish!   PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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I shouldnt come on the forums when i miss breakfast :(

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Nice job - trying the thumbs thing to see how it works

I love the flavors in the veal roast

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Very,very nice Mark, Great job on the whole mealdrool.gif

I have made biscuits on my smoker but not a pie Hmmmmmmmmmicon_idea.gif

Thanks for sharing my friend

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I'm appreciative all the comments! icon_biggrin.gif  Our meal turned out fabulous I was really happy the way it went. The roll had been sitting on a foiled wooden cutting board atop a snowdrift for over an hour before starting.


This was my first attempt and I was concerned about a blowout. I didn't peek and was pleased when I finally looked in about the time I began cooking the potatoes happy to discover everything intact. I started out a 400 deg. for 15-20 minutes so as to get a little searing action involved. Then down to 225-230 for the remainder of the cook. The addition of  ground salt pork to the veal made for a nice texture helping things remain together. 

Originally Posted by raptor700 View Post

Very,very nice Mark, Great job on the whole mealdrool.gif

I have made biscuits on my smoker but not a pie Hmmmmmmmmmicon_idea.gif

Thanks for sharing my friend

When I first started making pies they turned out great. The only thing was, that the crust made it hard to get the slices out of the pan. What should take 1 hour 15 minutes usually took two or sometimes more. Now what I do is go with a higher heat for the first 25-30 minutes out of the gate. With these I was at 400 deg. for 25 minutes. Also, if you use aluminum pans heat is reflected and that has something to do with it too. Sitting in a small pizza pan helps quite a bit. As you see here, I've got some aluminum grill grates underneath them.


At 1 hour, 20 min. I removed them, put them in a cooler for 30 minutes and then took the cooler outside for chilling with the lid open. The pie is completely done and the slices come out as they should. Another tip. When I make these, I brush the top of them with a mixture of almond milk, some dark muscovado brown sugar and one egg white in a bowl that gives them a nice shiny appearance. And I usually use four small to medium-sized almond or pecan wood chunks sometimes both of them together for the smoke.

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wow....totally awesome and impressive....truly a labor of love there

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Originally Posted by Chef Willie View Post

wow....totally awesome and impressive....truly a labor of love there

Thanks Chef!


Long story short. When I was growing up, Mark had several "cooking adventures" in our family home. Sometimes, I think that my mother was really wondering what I'd be doing next! Boy could I make a mess...if ya screw up enough times finally things take a turn for the better. My parents are retired now so it's a little token of appreciation for "put'n up with me". icon_wink.gif


Tip tip. I forgot to mention for garlic bread butter....adding a little mayo w/olive oil and just a wee bit of dry oregano along with the garlic power and toasted onion powder mixed  makes for some tasty spread.

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OK Mark I just have to yank your chain a little here. 


Great looking grub. 


But, I really noticed those plates.  Weren't they called Desert Rose? If so, I sure wish I still had a set of those!


Good luck and good smoking.

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