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mountain girl

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A voluminous mountain gal walks in to the hospital of the nearby town. She goes up to the receptionst:


Mtn gal says "Hi - i need to see an upturn"


Recpt replied "upturn? You must mean an intern"


Mtn gal "okay an intern then - because I need a contamination"


Recpt replied "contamination? You must mean an examination"


Mtn gal "okay an examination - look - I don't know them fancy medical words but I haven't demonstrated in 3 months and Pa thinks I'm stagnant!"

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LOL---That gal is obviously "Stagnant"!

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Wow there are way too many responses running thru my head with this one.

Just gonna say Ha Ha and keep it clean

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*... listening quietly for the sound of dueling banjos in the distance....*



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