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another batch of buckboard

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I started these on the 21st with my own  recipe cure

I take half the weight and use the proper amount of Tender quick

other half of the weight I use proper amount of Cure #1

then I add equal amount of brown sugar.

liberally rub each piece and tumble all together to get each one coated properly

then I bag them individually and and refrigerate and turn daily

took out this morning and rinsed well and soaked for an hour

fry test was perfect. I have found by using the cure #1 for half the weight it cuts down on the saltyness

patted dry and let rest for a while

I coated a few pieces with butchers cut black pepper and left the others plain

I will smoke them with apple wood for about 5-6 hours and keep the smoker under 120*

more to come


all ready and resting


Bacon 002.jpg


in the smoker. just warming up a little then I will shut off the gas and put my smoke box with about 6 brickets and the apple wood chunks.

!Bacon 003.jpg

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Is there such a thing as "Too Much Bacon?"



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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lookin good!

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NICE!!!! ummmm bacon!

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Bacon!!! Yaaaaaaaaa!!!



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Bacon Rules...

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Here it is after 5.5 hrs in the apple wood smoke

temp stayed right about 100* the whole time

reloaded the wood box once and it was still smoking nice @ 102* when I pulled it

into the cooler over night then  will slice tomorrow and post final picsbacon.jpg

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Wow that looks great man

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should be some good stuff.............

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Wow - that's a load of bacon!  That should last at least...a couple of days!

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I love bacon so never to much lol

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