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Bustin my Chops ;)

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Smoked some butterfly chops this weekend with not alot of success ;(


I soaked them in buttermilk and spices for a day and then put them in the smoker @ 225 for around two hours. Just wasn't the flavor I was going for. I was looking more for a ham taste but not sure how to get there. Any suggestions?

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To get the "hammy taste" you will more than likely need to cure them

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What piney says to get the ham taste you will need to cure them .

 They are very good cured.

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Get a bag of Morton's Tenderquick or Morton's Sugar Cure. You can use either of them as a dry cure or a wet cure (Brine Cure), just follow the directions on the bag. Once you have them cured, put them in the smoker and you'll achieve that hammy taste you're looking for.

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Don't give up!!! Even the bad smokes are good eats!!! Read up on some brines and cures in the search section and you'll be ready to go! And remember we love qview!!!

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Cure em and smoke em!!


 Have fun!!



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Yep, and don't forget the Qview.

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There will be pictures next time, sorry    PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Just saying. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

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Hea, what can I say I'm a rookie ;(   I'll try and do better next time




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