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Beef Costillas

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OK I grew up in deep South Texas and this one was always on the plate.  What it is is a crossed cut beef short rib I season them with Fiesta Fajita seasoning from San Antonio.  Serve them with some Links, Pintos, and either Mexican Rice or Fideo (Mexican vermicelli)




More to come


Not much meat so you have to cook a bunch...


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Looking good!!!




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Can you send me a plate please ????

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Are you kidding with three kids I hope I get some.  That is why we go heavy on the sides in my Family I grew up one of five boys BBQ was a way of life and we always had plenty of sides.  My kids are not teens yet but they love two things my chicken and my ribs (beef or pork).  Makes you happy when a kindergartner wants you to BBQ for his birthday instead of pizza.

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all done almost on a plate



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Full Meal Deal...



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Looks Great...

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Looks great!!! Whit plates like that will you adopt me??? Theres always room for one more right?

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Great looking meal you put together there my friend!

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