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First attempt Fatty

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I have to admit that doing the weave was not as bad as I thought it would be.  While I fried some bacon for the center I worked the weave and moved immediately to the sausage. Who ever came up with the idea of putting the sausage in a gallon baggie and rolling it out, that worked slick!

Ok once I slit the sides of the baggie I covered the sausage with diced orange peppers and roasted red pepper cheese and commenced to rolling. Once I got the bacon wrapped around it I added seasonings. On my way out the door to the smoker I noticed the crisp bacon setting on the counter that I was going to put in the middle, FAIL cuz I'm not starting over!

Now if I can get the pictures loaded I'll be doing ok.


First Fatty 001.JPG


First Fatty 002.JPG



First Fatty 003.JPG




First Fatty 004.JPG



Will add the final picture when it's finished.

I like the fact that I get to eat my mistakes  :)












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Looking forward to the result. So far so good.

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Neer bad to have extra bacon sitting around!

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Looking good. Nice job on the weave 

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Looking good!!




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Be careful,I started making fatties for my family and took some to work,now I have to make 3 at a time.LOL

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looks good so far congrats on your first

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Final! Most of the cheese melted out of it but it was still good.




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Looks like a great finished product, really good color on the bacon.
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Looks Great ...

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Nice Dude you hit a homer!

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Looks great!  Hope it tasted as good as it looks.  

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Your first fattie looks great!

Add this to your fattie prep and you will love it, 

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