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Deer Summer Sausage

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Hi all

started some Deer summer sausage last night I will smoke it later tonight

I used a Hi Mountain ss kit

It has 3# deer

1# jimmy dean sage

1# jd Italian

1# ground beef 93/7


deer ground up

Summer Sausage 001.jpg


all the meat mixed together

Summer Sausage 002.jpg


meat all seasoned up and going to the fridge for 24 hours

Summer Sausage 003.jpg


got it out today to stuff it and back to fridge for a few more hours

Summer Sausage 004.jpg


more pic. latter

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 looking great......waiting for the Q

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Looking Good

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Mmmmmm  tasty!!!



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Looking good so far...

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Looking good. I use the hi mountain kit and add some Jap. peppers to it for some extra kick. I do a 70% venison 30% very fatty beef [trying to use up the beef because the WIFE says to much fat] Let us know how it turns out

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Lookin good Brad, Can't wait to see the finished product

I might have to try this one, I have alot of deer meat I need to use up

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Looks good so far from here !!




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that's going to be good!  Can't wait for the qview

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I've used the jd sausage in my summer before, but not Itailian. Might be interesting.....popcorn.gif

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came out good other then being up till 2am I think the jd Italian gives it a nice touch


Summer Sausage 005.jpg


a close up

Summer Sausage 006.jpg


packaged and ready to freeze

Summer Sausage 007.jpg


just wont last long

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I find it interesting that you used seasoned sausage and a spice kit....looks good! I always mix my summer sausage with 50% game 50% pork butt, then add about 2% more pork fat4

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Looks good. but why use seasoned sausage instead of pork to mix with your venison?  The seasoning kit is proportioned to season all the meat, not just the venison.


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Looks great Brad, I bet it tastes good too! icon14.gif

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why wast a good pork but on sausage i use jd to give a little extary flaver

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Looks real good from here Coyote!


Thanks for the views,


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