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repainting a UDS?

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Ok a year ago I made two UDS and love them.  they work awsome but need a little TLC.  I want to repaint them got some engine primer and engine paint.  Just picked up an angle grinder and a wire wheel from Harbor Freight. They do not have a ton of rust but I still am ready to clean them up. Can I clean strip only the rust and prime the whole drum or should I strip the whole drum prime and then paint. 

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Good question. I am in the same situation as you are so I will be watching this thread.

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I wire wheeled the entire thing and shot it with some krylon I had laying around. I didn't bother with primer or engine paint. So far the regular paint is holding up. drums don't get hot enough to need high temp paint.

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well I got some engine paint cheaper than the regular paint gonna go ahead and wire one down and try it.

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What you want to do is take the wire wheel to the rust then go get some Scotch Brite like the green pad to clean sinks and stuff. You can find it by the cleaning supplies at your local super market. Just scuff up the paint over the rest of it. Just enough to see the scratches. That'll help the new paint stick. Then just prime the bare metal but do light coats. Lights coats are better than one heavy one. Let that dry for bout twenty or so min and scuff it up with the scotch brite then your good to go on the paint. Good luck!

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I went ahead and grinded it all off just finished the primer gonna let dry and  scuff and paint.



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I dripped a little I am sure we will stop the rust this time I sure need a class on how to spray pain though.



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