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Originally Posted by Pineywoods View Post

Jeanie I'd love to add some shrimp but not sure if I can actually do it. It would have to come down the line at some point but I haven't completely given up on the idea

Piney if you do, let me know if I can be of any help. The are pretty easy to raise with the right water conditions and space or substrate to give them more area.  They are sooo  tasty too!

Looking forward to watching your project! :)

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Thanks Jeanie trust me if I try it I'll be seeking lots of advice from you

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Looks like you are making progress!!

 Great work!!


  Time for my nap... whew... too much work to look at.



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I get tired just reading Piney's posts.

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It's finally getting done. The greenhouse started going up on Tuesday but the wind kicked our butts trying to get the plastic on so they came back Wednesday afternoon to get it all on. I still have things to do like get the irrigation finished and get the pots on and filled but we're getting there. Here are some pics
















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Man, can't wait for the tomatoes!!!!

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The towers in the first pic will get a stack of 5 pots and the towers in the second pic will get stacks of 3





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looks realy good i wish i had this.

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Jerry, first let me say that the place looks a lot better than the 1st pictures I saw, it does not look like the same place! Secondly with a greenhouse that big and the hydophonic system you should be up and growing something before long.  Do you use the hydrophonic system inside the greenhouse or outside the greenhouse or both?  I sure would like to see that all in operation after you get it set up and start growing something out there.  When you get it graded are you going to seed it with grass?  I know we talked about trees but I would not think that you would want trees growing next to the greenhouse.  You sure have done a good job getting all those stumps and the place cleaned up since I first saw it.  Keep us posted with more pics as you go along.  It may not be smoking meat but it sure is an interesting thing to follow, can't wait for the next set of pics.  Keep up the good work!


Your Friend,

Barry  biggrin.gif

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Jerry, Don't know what happened but I started typing the above message and when I posted it you had added all those pictures of the greenhouse going up and the hydophonic system, I see said the blind man!  Just did not want you to think that I was not looking, it just was not there?????  Take care Jerry, still can't wait for more pics of that fine operation!


Your Friend,

Barry  biggrin.gif

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Great looking greenhouse there Jerry! We have a farm about a mile from here that is all hydroponic & it's a u-pick. The produce is excellent. I think it's the best way to grow veggies. 

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This is gonna be AWESOME, Jerry!




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Hey Jerry!


Looks Awesome!


Where do you find the time to do all this?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Well I'm finally ready for plants. It took awhile to put all the pots on and fill them all up then run the nutrient feed lines. As I said before some towers are 5 pots high and others are 3 high this is because you can only plant tomatoes two pots high and in those towers I'll plant colored bell peppers above the tomatoes. There will be 4 pepper plants per pot and 2 tomato plants per pot. The rest of the towers will have 4 plants per pot. The ground pots (black ones on the bottom) and the little pots on the top also get planted (think herbs in the little ones) The white hoses running at the top of the towers are the nutrient lines. Gonna be some long days this week trying to get ready for the Gathering but I'm hoping to be able to go get some plants sometime toward the end of the week. Eventually I'll grow my own plants from seed then transplant them but don't have that set up yet and want to get a jump start on the plants so buying them is easier for now. I have a few towers without pots because I need to buy more pots and will do that and get them going when I go get the plants. I'll post more pics in a little bit or tonight

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Great job Jerry,


Cant wait to come by and steal all your ideas.



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Here's more pics









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Are the strawberries ready yet?


Hey Jerry, That thing won't take much of a snow load!!!   LOL




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Is this all for you & your family or is this going to be a business?

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Very impressive.

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