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Hydroponic Growing

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So with wanting to get the Greenhouse set up going I also wanted to do some hydroponic growing so I bought a couple small systems. I don't have them set up yet in fact I just went and picked up the second one yesterday but while there I took a few pics and here they are.








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A few more











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Thats sweet. Beats having to bend over all the time.

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Thats awesome

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Thats very cool.I forgot to ask ya last time we were talkin about these,how do you plan on fertilize this unit? Does it have some sort of injector pump for liquid fertilizer? Or do you just add grandular fertilizer?...Seeing the strawberries does make me happy though!!!!!

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Looking forward to some H-view. Hopefully a pepper ranch. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I'm looking forward to your updates Jerry, I think I'd really enjoy gardening agian if I had a setup like that

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OMG !!!

That's Awesome Jerry!


I could live in there when the strawberries are ripe!



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This project may be worth a trip up there to give you hand.  Nothing like trading labor for knowledge.



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Les all the nutrients are in the water which is mixed in tanks at the end of the rows.


It should be fun once I finally get to setting it up I'm still in the site prep stage tho mad.gif  I do expect to have it up and running before the Gathering tho


Here's what the site still looks like I'm in the process of digging stumps when I have the chance to work on it







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Look like someone will be getting some seat time in the tractor. 

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hey piney,  thats looks awesome,,   but being in Miami i got a whole different look on he hydroponic growing,,  usually some illegal activity going on!

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Looking like ya got yourself alot of work going on there jerry!!!! If i was down there i'd gladly give ya a hand!!!

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Very Cool Jerry...  Can I come along with Bear when the Strawberrys are Ripe, We will guard the place for you ...icon_mrgreen.gif

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Wow. Those are amazing shots

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Mmmmmmmmm stawberries!!!!!



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So I'm getting there I finally got the stumps all dug out and got it closer to being done I need to pick up some of the smaller pieces of wood and have the site graded which I should do in the next week or so. I bought the Greenhouse yesterday it's 18x48 and should be installed in the next couple weeks. I also added to the hydroponic system size. So hopefully it won't be too much longer and it'll be up and running. Here's a few more pics of the site with the stumps gone and the two brush piles burnt I stacked some of the stumps on those piles before burning them and that new pile back behind the area is more stumps from the cleared area.









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That's going to be great Piney! Are you still thinking of adding a few shrimp? 

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cool looking system your have there..

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Jeanie I'd love to add some shrimp but not sure if I can actually do it. It would have to come down the line at some point but I haven't completely given up on the idea

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