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CPI Jalmundo and one Orange hab

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On Dec. 27th, I planted some CPI Jalmundo along with some habs. Now I've been taking them out every morning at 9 am, and bringing them in at 6 pm. I kept the ten best Jalmundos, but only 1 orange hab survived. They don't look very tall, I buried them up to their elbows to keep them from getting too leggy. I've replanted some more Mustard, Bondo Ma Jacque, and Antilla. I hope they'll make it. I also have some NM Heritage 6-4, Vaquero and Serrano Tanpiqueno that I planted a week ago. It's all good my friend






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Looking good so farPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I have to agree with Steve there Rich. Your off to a great start.

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can't wait to see these fruit..........

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Very nice!



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That's it, I have to move out of the northeast. hissyfit.gif

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Looks good Rich

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are you going to grow them the rest of the way in those pots or transplant once they get bigger? i found that last year in those smaller pot they wouldnt grow very big (it was my first year), once i transplanted into ground they shot up!

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Looking good Rich - that is going to be a tasty crop

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Wow you got off to an early start I didn't get my seeds into dirt until the end of Jan.  just about to start hardening them off.   Are yours outside yet?

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Looking good Rich, I have some Ghost Peppers finally growing after a few years, finally got some good seeds. 




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i love me some peppers.............

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How did they turn out?????

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Originally Posted by billyj571 View Post

How did they turn out?????

billy, we recently lost our resident pepperhead richoso to the big pepper patch in the sky, he will be missed but never forgotten........and thx for inadvertently bumping this thread.

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