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summer sausage - advice needed (thanks - check Q-VIEW)

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Hey - I need a little help    I made some summer sausage last month that came out wonderful.  I will be making more this weekend with a couple of changes, I will be adding jalapeno and cheese to this batch. My question is about the cheese. Is it necessary to use high temp cheese ? Can I use regular sharp chedder ?  Any comments would be helpful.


Thanks in advance,

                              Bobby D 

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Yes you can use regular cheese. Just chop into small cubes.

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I wll be making a batch w/ 15 lbs of meat - what would be the recommeded amount of cheese to use ?

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I use some cheap cheddar last week in some jap and cheese summer sausage. It was good but the cheese ended up soft or creamy even the next day....week. I think maybe next time I'll try a better less fat cheese.

I also kept the temps under 170° so as not to get the cheese runny while in the smoker but.

anybody got an opinion on the type of cheese or smoker temps?

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Bobdog... Most people go with 10% cheese. It works for me

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I use about 15% cheese

I use high temp shredded cheddar I buy it in 5# bags from avanti cheese co.

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I just made a batch of 25 lbs with high temp pepperjack I got from a local processer and fresh jalapenos.  I used 10% cheese and 3 jalapenos (seeded and de-membraned).  I didn't get as much zip as I wanted and next time I will use a few more peppers and may keep some membranes in it.  I was a little dissapointed in that the cheese gets a bit soft after it sits out of the fridge for a little bit.  I thought it would hold up a little better.

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One more question ----  Do I put the cheese & jalapenos in the mix during the curing process or wait to mix it in just prior to stuffing ??

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I'd put it in for the curing process.  A friend of mine uses a 12 oz. bottle of jalapenos in a 25 lb mix.  He cuts them up fine, then puts them with the water and mixes it.  He also uses the hi-temp cheese, 10%, he's never had any luck using regular cheese.  I just make "straight" summer sausage so I'm just going by what he says.  By the way, his tastes great!  But then again, ahem, so does mine! 

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You can put the japs in during the curing process but, I'd wait to add the cheese till just before stuffing. It helps keep the cheese from getting soggy.

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I use about a dozen fresh jalapenos in s 25# batch

seeded and membrane removed. I dont get real careful about removing all the membrane

I get a really nice jalapeno taste  a just a little bite.

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I used  1 1/2 lbs of regular medium cheddar cheese and a 12 oz cup of chopped jalapenos in 15 lbs of meat using High Mtn summer sausage seasoning & cure.  It came out great. Next time maybe a little more jalapenos. 

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