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That's a great looking smoker Al, and those ribs look smokey and tender.  I hear those Langs are great products, thanks for sharing.  

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Getting to a decision to buy the 36 begins with the question what type of smoker do you want?  Electric, gas, charcoal or wood.


I like burning wood so I have never owned electric or gas smokers.


The next question is how big of a smoker do I need?  I started with an ECB (el cheapo brinkman)  then bought a small offset.


The next question is do you see the value of a reverse flow smoker?  You are a bit limited with a reverse flow because unless arraignments are made to put a grill in the firebox you do not have direct heat.


Once decided on reverse flow there are several manufactures to choose from  Bubba Grills and Lang are the two I looked at.   I chose Lang because of their reputation and because they had the size at the price I wanted.


Good luck when it comes time to make a decision.  I hope you come back and post telling us that you went with a quality wood burner.

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I did go with the Lang now i have to learn how to cook on it , my first try was not so good because I'm use to my old grill (weber) and direct heat so its a learning curve for me,and if i can kept everybody from wanting to look in and lose my heat. Because you now what they say IF YOU LOOKING YOU ARE NOT COOKING !!!!

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The Lang recovers well enough that a quick peek doesn't hurt.  Just watch your temps and try to keep them as stable as possible.  You should be adding fuel and adjusting your firebox dampers till you get the heat right.


If there is anyway I can help let me know, I'm still learning the 36 but the learning curve is pretty easy.  It really is a joy to smoke on.



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Well tell me why can i get the temp up with char coal ?

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man thats looks good 

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Do you want to use Charcoal?  You'll use a lot of it and it gets expensive.  Get a hold of some good dry oak or cherry or pecan or what ever hard wood they have in your part of the country.  You want something that will burn a good long time and give you a lot of heat.  There is a lot of steel that has to be heated up with the Lang.   Get the temp to about 300, then load the meat and allow the temps to settle at 220 - 250.  Then just keep it fed to keep your temps steady.  


You can use charcoal, I guess but be prepared to use a good bit of it.  It will burn good and hot.


Back a bit later if anymore questions.



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