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Looking delicious!!!



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Boy, it sure isn't taking you long to start putting out some great looking food "Al" !!!


Thanks for the views---Keep 'em coming!



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Out of the foil and ready for a bit of sauce.  Then back on the Lang until wifey gets home









Taste test - delicious, nice smoke flavor and pull off the bone tender.

I tasted the chops and 2hrs in the Lang is plenty for them.  Very good flavor, tender and moist.


I'm very happy with my first go round with the new Lang 36.  Stable and forgiving on temperature swings.  The cross the grid temps where better then I expected and a dramatic improvement over the offset


I am happy if I am able to do 3 racks of baby backs and 3 racks of spares at a time.  Add a couple of pounds of pork chops while the ribs are foiled and stacked on top of each other I have enough food for 95% of the parties I have.  Maybe someone can tell me how many people this amount of food would serve with a couple of sides?


Thanks for looking






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How many?


I'd say, "Up to 20 adults".




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Thanks Bear,


Wifey and I each ate a 1/2 rack of baby backs last night so I was thinking about12!  Spares are larger and the fact is that it was rib gluttony last night so I think 20 is a good number.  Briskey and butts will fit in the smoker better and go further on the plate so as part of this review I would think the Lang 36 can easily feed 30 people.



If most of your cooking is for family or small parties and you want a smaller, temperature stable wood burner you should consider this smoker. 


Ben Lang is well know for building high quality reverse flow smokers.  Welds are smooth with no obvious burrs, cracks or chips.  The fit and finish of the smoker are what you would expect from a hand crafted piece of equipment.


This smoker is also available in Stainless Steel.  I was told by Mr. Lang that the stainless model heats faster then the heavier 1/4 steel model and will allow you to easily run temps in the 300 degree range.  If you prefer cooking at BBQ temperatures the stainless model may be more appropriate for you.


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That's what I figured:

Two people to a rack of Babies-----------6

Three people to a rack of spares---------9

1/2 pound of chops per head--------------4


Rounded to 20


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serious smoker envy goin' here. I can only lust in my heart for a lang right now.  Congrats! looking forward to seeing lots of great q-view. Cheers!!

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Shipping weight for the smoker with pallet is 608 lbs.  I had an extra $ 56 tacked on to the shipping after delivery.



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That sucks about the extra shipping but im sure its worth it

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Nothing wrong with pre heating the wood on the top of the firebox, I belive it  is recommended.

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I preheated to the point of combustion!  I am currently looking for firebrick to line the bottom of the firebox and place on top of the firebox.  I believe this will better retain the heat and reduce wood consumption.  I intend to use the top of the firebox as a cooking surface and if I can find firebrick of different thicknesses I should have some flexibility with just how much heat is available to the cooking surface.  Don't know much about firebrick so any info would be appreciated.



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I Probably would stay away from lining the bottom, I feel it is important to get all the ash out after a cook because it can promote rust, I think it would get in the cracks and under them, just my opinion

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Great pics of your 1st smoke there Al.

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I dig the ash picking up moisture and rotting out the bottom of the fire box, been there, done that on my little offset. 


The brick wouldn't be permanently installed, just layed in to reflect more heat upward and to increase the temps inside the firebox, less heat loss through bottom of box.  The firebrick on top will hopefully work the same way but gradually heating up and holding a steadier heat for cook top use. 



Thanks Dutch,  


I got a bit heavy on the rub but other then that they where great.  I froze most of them right after the foil so I could heat up on the grill and not dry them out.

I really need to learn to go light on the rub, no matter how good the rub is to much takes away from the smoke and taste of the meat.

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I have access to pecan and oak so that is what I use in the smoker.

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Got to love them langs.. icon14.gif

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My first cook will be this weekend , and its going to be ribs and hens . O, I will show some pic of the food !!

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Great job on your first smoke on the Lang, Al! Those ribs look delicious!

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