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Smoking Gator-Can it be done?

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A friend of mine has a bunch of gator and was asking about smoking it. I did some searching and found no real answer. Any thoughts? PS I miss you all! Been away too long and I apologize!

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I would think that with enough brining, marinating, rub & proper wood for taste, hell, you could smoke just about anything.  I am not an experienced gator smoker but I am sure someone will pipe up with a method.  Keep your smoker ready!!

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Gator does not lend itself to low and slow very well. It gets tough.

 better to fry or cook in a gravy. you can grill it but i didn't care for it grilled.

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A friend gave me some gator a few years back. I deep fried it with a bater the wife makes for fish, I loved it. We don't get a chance for much gator meat in Ohio but I would try and pressure cook it for 30 min.then put in the smoker to brown and induce some smoke flavor. For an hour or 2 at around 160. This is how I do heart and tongue.  Good luck

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