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Question about new AMNS - burning off oil

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I ordered my first AMNS the other day. I'm hoping like hell it's here by tomorrow so I can use it with some ribs I was planning on doing tomorrow. I know that before I use it I need to throw it in a hot grill and let any residual oils burn off. I think I read somewhere that it needs to be pumpin' at about 400*. Well, I'll likely have a hard time getting my unit running that hot. I might could throw it on my gas grill and do it, but it's a cheapo, I'd have to set up my thermometer in there, and it's just more than I want to deal with. My question is this: can I just do it in my oven indoors? Seems fine, just didn't know if I needed to worry about any harmful fumes or anything. Thanks for any info.

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i dont think you need to be at that high of temp...300-325 should be fine.i'm sure someone will be along with more advice

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You can just put it in the dishwasher - it is stainless steel. It comes with directions on how to clean it, be sure to read them - it is a short list

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Yep, it's all in the directions.

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I put mine thru the dishwasher.


 Have a great day!



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Ajax, not Palmolive. Just kidding. Just wash it and it will be fine.

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I bet a few minutes soaking in DAWN dish soap would work too.


Just figured guys were warming up their smokers, and could throw it in for a while to burn off the oil.


Don't stick it in the oven or it will stink up the house...Already Proved That One!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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