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internet scam sites

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I ordered item #27801 vegetarian casings from They charged me $29.95 for one unit. I received the order and it included a catalog from which seems like a good outfit. In the catalog the same product is only $9.99. is just selling items from catalog and jacking up the price. This is a rip off. I will not use ever again, and I recommend that everyone steer clear of them. is just another internet scam site.

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 Call them back and complain. That is BS!


Edit. Or see if you can send your shipment back and just order direct from sausagemaker. I get their magazine and there is a lot of good stuff in there.

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I just took a look, they even use the same item #s...LOL


What they are doing is drop shipping the stuff they sell...

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When you need something, post it on here & you will find the best place to buy it.

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Yeah,you have got to be buyer savvy for sure when it come to the net.Hours of searching and comparing! or you can do like AL said and ask here,most members have used alot of the sites to order from!!! live and learn is all you can do.

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