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broke in my new treager with a pork loin

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since my homebuilt smoke burned up I upgraded to a new traeger.  broke it in this weekend with a pork loin.  (and some deer sticks)


covered it in a mixture of olive oil and apple juice in my spray bottle.  covered it a rub I made up (modified a recipie I found here) and wraped it in plastic wrap for a couple hours then put on the smoker on the smoke setting.  the temp  outside was around 10 deg so the smoke setting didn't keep a high enough temp for me.  so I bumped it up to 180 deg setting for about 4-5 hours and pulled it at 163 internal temp.  next time I think I will pull it closer to 150 because it was a little dryer than I wanted.  I also could have misted it more often than I did but got busy. 


enuf with the talk...   here are pictures!!!


pork loin 1-11.JPG


pork loin4 1-2011.JPG



pork loin2 1-2011.JPG



pork loin3 1-2011.JPG


thanks for looking....   sorry about the one pic that is upside down. 











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looks good,even upside down PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I like to lay some bacon on top to add some fat and help retain some moisture.

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Looks good! Ever try injecting?
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I have not tried injecting yet.  still kinda new at this


I like the bacon suggestion...   will have to try that next time

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You might try stuffing one next time. I like the bacon idea too.

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Your food looks great my head hurts now from standing on my head tring to look at the pics.

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