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Playoff "Pork Feast"

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Had some friends over for the games yesterday,So i fired up Ribzilla and made a feast!

I got some pics along the way

this is what we had



potatoes & onions102_0250.JPG


Spare Ribs, that were so tender i couldn't get them out of the foil! Oh well,there were no complaints :)102_0227.JPG


Mac & Cheese, I guess me and Les had the same idea,Yours looked Great, btw



Smoked cabbage



I guess i missed some pics of the rice & brocolli fattie

but i did get one of the orange stuffed yard-bird102_0247.JPG


I got a pic of one of the to-go plates102_0261.JPG


we had a great time and great food

thanks for checkin' out our feast!102_0239.JPG






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What a feast!!!! everything looks amazing!! even your mac&cheese..LOL

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Looks fabulous!!!

To go plates???  That looks like a buffet to go!!


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I LOVE smoked cabbage.  I would have just taken that whole thing to go

Ribs look great too, really like fall off the bone and those fit the bill

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Looks like you and yours enjoyed one heck of a meal put together for the game!

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Awesome job raptor, it all looks great man.

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Fine looking spread, giving me some ideas.

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Nice job.I will have to try the cabbage.It all looks fantastic

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It all looked great. Gotta try the cabbage. Nice shot of your son!

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Looks like an awesome feast!!!!

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Awesome Feast Rap !!!!


That little guy certainly looks like he enjoyed it!


I like to know the whole process (prep, time, temp, etc) on that Bacon wrapped smoked cabbage---That looks freakin' Great!



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Thanks for the kind words my friends,

Yeah, the little guy in the last pic is Nicholas, My neighbors Grandson. He loves ribs and mac&cheese, Not real fond of cabbage! lol


Speaking of cabbage,

I cut the stalk off the bottom so it would sit in the pan without rolling around, then washed in cold water.

While it was still wet from the bath i dusted with cbp,and kosher salt. Covered with a small bacon weave,placed in pan with 1 cup water and smoked for about 3hrs.

The smoker was running 225º-235º

During the last hour of the 3hr smoke i smoked an onion, then threw it in with the cabbage, added more water and foiled.

Continued smoking 1-2hrs until it was tender. Cook time will vary depending on size.

I love cabbage, but this was the best yet!

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Thanks Rap!



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nice smoke..... bbq sauce on your boys face would have been priceless................

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Nice job Raptor! Everything looked really good!


You perked my interest with the rice & broccoli fattie. Sounds interesting!

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Nice job Raptor! Everything looked fantastic!

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