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Separate fire box

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Great site,I am buildind a backyard smokehouse for sausage that is going to be 4x6 and 6 feet tall and want to build the wood fire next to it and pipe it in to the smoke house.Can yall please post pictures of what you have and how it goes inside the smokehouse?I am still looking at some on the forums!Thanks in advance!

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hey Jimmy i built mine in 2009 after years of using commercial smokers i can cold and hot smoke in it and there is no extra heat source inside all heat and smoke is piped in here is some pics of it it is 8' tall and 4'x4' wide hope this helps temps i can range around 70 deg at top of smoker upto almost 300 deg if i wanted to. Goodluck and build a great one!!CIMG0006.JPGCIMG0007.JPG

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Thanks,That is just what I have in mind!!Looks awsome!

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