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Citrus Sage Chicken Sausage & Thank You BMUDD

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I received my sausage stuffer that Brian helped me to buy and since the store was out of butts I brought home 2 kg of boneless chicken thighs.


I followed wutang's recipe and I and the family must agree with his appraisal,  they are awesome and I'll definitely be making them again!


I increased the ingredients for 2 kg to use all of the chicken, I grilled them to 167°, they were light and had a slight citrus taste to them, different and very, very good.


Since I followed his instructions I'll just post the plated results, to prove it really happened.


Citrus Sage Chicken Sausage with brown rice, peas and 'shrooms.


Citrus Sage Chicken Sausage 017.jpg


Citrus Sage Chicken Sausage 031.jpg


Thanks for looking at my Q-view and THANK YOU Brian.



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Great Job. Looks like they came out nicely. Def worth having huh?

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Oh yes!!!


I'm kinda stubborn and when I read the posts where people have used their grinder to stuff with and then the posts from former grinder stuffers now dedicated sausage stuffers users, I though, if the grinder stuffers can do it so can I, ...with the first turn of the crank I immediately changed camp, I mean, we are doing this to have fun, right?


I don't know what kind of grinders they are using to stuff with and if it works for them that's cool, but really, a sausage stuffer is so easy to use and relatively inexpensive, why bother with the hassle of using a grinder?



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Looks good! I too have just bought a 5lbs.stuffer and i love it.I have used my grinder to stuff casings and it worked out ok,just need to use a bigger sized casing and it seems to work.But when i tried a small 19mm casing no way!!! hence the stuffer,it is way faster than the grinder for sure.

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Brian & Les, Thank you for the  kind words.



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Great looking chow!!


What's that stuffed in the mango?? It looks like shrimp..mmmmmm




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Well your sausages look great and I bet they always taste so good when you make them yourself. Now Craig that's a avocado not a mango and I bet the is Ceviche Shrimp or I hope I'm right.

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Thanks Craig, Mark is right, it's a avocado, but ya got me thinking about maybe trying a mango or maybe a papaya.


Thanks Mark they were good and I'm looking forward to my new adventure into the world of sausage making, ceviche means it's cooked with an acid like lemon or lime juice, right?  These shrimp were cooked first, but there is lime juice in the sauce, if anyone is interested I'll post the recipe, super simple and very tasty.



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