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NFL Conference Championship smokes

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Doing up some more boneless Skinless Thighs for the late game.  Had the leftover Ancho Chili that I used in yesterdays Filet Mignon surf and turf with Asian Mexican fusion meal for the fried rice for the early game food. I added some white great northern beans and white kidney beans to it.  Great with the chips.



I am using a sweet Thai Chile Sauce on the chicken thighs.  I have been doing a lot of these to practice putting crispy skin on them in the reverse flow.  I did a few legs with the skin on for my son so I could practice the skin thing.



Good flavor and lots of smoke.  Chili was excellent!

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Great looking chow!!

The crispiness rocks!



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Looks Great Bob,  Maybe some of the Players From Green Bay can drop by and bring you some Bear They Roasted Today... LOL

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Man those look awesome! So hard to get that crispy skin & smoke flavor too!

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