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After first fail tried Brisket again

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My wife found a small Brisket at Giant Eagle so she bought it. I tried one over the summer but I under cooked it and figured I'd try it again. I am still trying to read up and get info on different cuts. This was only 2lbs of I believe a flat. Cooked on my Weber 22.5 kettle.


Brisket with rub.jpg

It was rubbed down and put in the fridge for a few days.


Brisket with a hour left getting ready to wrap in foil..jpg

Here it is right before I put on marinade and wrapped it with foil to finish cooking it.

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looks good...let us know how it turns out!

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Yea it looks pretty good so far.

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Looking Good...

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Sorry but because I am a new member I couldn't finish putting up pictures until my post was reviewed.

brisket temp.jpg

My wife bought me this for Christmas. My grill is about 300ft away at one end of the property. This makes it great to watch temp epically now when its 10degrees outside.

Looks like its time to get off the couch. biggrin.gif


brisket done.jpg


Done but I didn't get a good smoke ring. I think I had too much rub on it. It is way better than my first one. I sliced it up this morning and gonna put it on Italian  bread with coleslaw and fries.



I'll be looking around for a better injection for my next one.

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I'm not familiar with your remote probe, but if the grill temp is 383, that's too hot for smoking. It needs to be down around 225. That could be why you didn't get much smoke penetration. Was it moist? How did it taste?

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Sorry about that the temp is not a dual probe. The top temp is what you set in it as your goal temp. The 383 is just a number I threw in it to get it to quit beeping because the beef setting is programed at 165 and at first I use it to read temp in grill until towards the end of cooking I put it in the meat. Kinda wish I had a dual probe. I just never reset it back down to 190.

It was good but I think Ill try some different rubs.

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