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What is the difference between Tview and Qview or any others that I haven't seen?confused.gif John
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Qview is  pictures of what you smoke... Haven't a clue what Tview is....

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Don't know what t view is either, but we likes the Q view!!!!

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I think I saw it used one time with pictures of home grown Tomatoes.







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Can't add much to what they said, I never heard of t-view, but when I first came here I didn't understand what Qview was either. I guess they need to have a SMF language class to go along with the E-course.

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I don't know what Tview is so maybe Al's right or not but I'll let him go with it. Now the Q-view is pictures of our food and what the wifes or happy others make fun of us for around here. My wife is getting used to me taking picture for I have about 600 pictures on my flash drive of my foods.

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