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Foil Tri-Tip

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Has anyone done the "foil" technique with tri-tip?  If pulled from the smoker @ 125-130 degrees and then foiled or wrapped like a shoulder would it help make it more tender?  Was just curious.  I am going to try my first tri-tip next week and my main concern is getting it tender.   Thanks.

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I have never foiled my tritips,but thats just me.In my opinion i have not needed to so far.The ones i have done never last long enough to foil them!!! Got some tritip lover's around here!lol

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I have tented my tritips but never foiled them Good luck and share your results with us

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I smoke my tri;s at a higher temp, like in the 270-290 range and try to get them done right on time. I have foiled one, returned it to the warm smoker and shut off the gas. It rested for a while and then I brought the smoker back up to temp, let the tip heat back up a little, then sliced and served.

Normally I don't foil though. I don't think it is big enough to benefit from foil. Slicing the meat properly is the ultimate key to tenderness. You have to examine the grain before smoking and cut it exactly across or it will be tougher to chew. Try marinating in buttermilk or oj if you want to breakdown some tissue..

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I'm in Florida and we can't get any stinking tri-tips here.

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Same here, I've never even seen one except here on SMF.

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I'm in Florida and we can't get any stinking tri-tips here.

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