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What's wrong with this picture

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I couldn't believe it, stopped in to the local grocer to pick up some baby backs. $7.29 a pound???? To boot they expired yesterday. My wife said we should negotiate but where to start??????? Not sure if there is a rib shortage or what but it looks like we’ll be smoking a pork butt this weekend…..


BB Ribs.jpg

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Thems those special Kobe Baby Back ribs..... lol.

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Besides being twice what i pay for them ,I aint never seen boneless baby backs.

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Originally Posted by eman View Post

Besides being twice what i pay for them ,I aint never seen boneless baby backs.

 Those do say "bone in"..... but I believe a boneless baby back is called a McRibb! roflmao.gif

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Find a new Store...LOL


What did the want for Rib Eyes?

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I saw some this afternoon while getting my butt for tomorrow, and they were $3.49.

You could get ribeyes for that price! Atleast where i'm at you can.

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I believe I would have had a message for the store manager, like "I ain't never coming back here." Ridiculous.

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Man for that price they better come and tend the fire for ya too

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 The price is one thing but even worse is

  they expired yesterday 
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Originally Posted by Beer-B-Q View Post

Find a new Store...LOL


What did the want for Rib Eyes?


I didn't look at Rib Eyes but everything seemed very high. Whole Pork butt was 2.50 per pound. That's when I just said "Let's go". Odd when this store opened up about a year ago prices were pretty decent. When I saw that price on BB's I had to snap a picture because I didn't think anyone would believe me. BTW I went across the street and picked up a Pork butt for 1.78 per pound (not great but fair).  

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Wow! They need butcher 101.

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Ah, in part, it's a sign of the times...


Prices on most things will rise eventually, but I'm hearing that groceries will probably see the biggest spike on pricing. It would appear that the prices you saw were just the store owners putting out their "feelers" to check what people are willing to pay. Obviously, they over-shot the margin just a tad if they still had regular pricing, didn't get marked down for "quick sale", and then of all things, let them go beyond the labeled sale date. Poor management of stock, for sure.


I found a store like that about 18 years ago where the cold-cuts, hams, cheese, hot dogs and pretty much any and every processed perishable food item was outdated, and obviously had become spoiled as the packages of most of the meats were bulging to the point of nearly bursting. I carefully picked up a boneless ham just out of curiousity, and the package was so firm that it felt like grabbing onto a basketball. The sale date was more than three months expired, so it wasn't like they had a power outage for a day, and then just got back on line and didn't have refrigeration temp monitoring to know if they lost anything or not.


I did an about face and made a bee-line for the door, never to return. Funny thing was that they never got shut-down for that, or any other health issues, to my knowledge. I lived about 50 miles away for over 5-1/2 years and I never heard a word about it. I think management had more than a couple inspectors in their hip pocket, because I can't imagine an auditor missing 75-80% of their perishables being, well, perished.


That store was/is part of one of the larger national chain grocery stores, btw.



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WOW that's just crazy.

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You always have to check to dates on everything. Just remember that the folks that are stocking the food aren't the highest paid and they don't care anyway. I know that meat is still good for a period of time past the date but... Then the price would have scared me more then the date. 

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