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Bottom Round

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My wife bought some bottom round roast...would this be a cut of beef that I could smoke?  Would it be better to smoke and then slice thinly (roast beef sandwiches) or just smoke and slice and eat?  Or, should I just stick to the oven/crock pot?


Thanks in advance for helping a newb.

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Smoke it and Slice it thin for sammies...

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I agree. That will make some great sammies. When you smoke it put a pan of onions and beef stock under the roast to catch the drippings. Skim off the fat and take the onions out and carmelize them in a frying pan. Skim off any fat and put the juices in a pot on the stove and heat it up. Add the carmelized onions and serve with crusty rolls and some meled cheese under the roast beef. Put the AuJus in a bowl and feast away  We like to add some Jonnies Au Jus to it (dilute per instructions) and it will make an awesome french dip

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What's a crock pot???PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

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I would do just what Paul (beer-b-q) said and you'll be golden. Now I have seen a crock pot once in a museum I think.

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I agree, great for thin sliced sammies. No crock pot!

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Round is a great, inexpensive way to go for alot of sandwich meat! 


Enjoy and good luck!

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