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Its Newbie again

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David here do I have to wait till I have posted a certain # of post before I can change my image I saw an album but unable to change image I am sure it is on this site some where but I can't find it unless i'm looking like my kids with my eyes closed Thanks for any help
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Just go to my profile at the top of the page. When it opens up your image will be on the left with a box below to change image.

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Hey David - welcoeme to SMF - glad to have you here with us  

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Hello David, and welcome to the SMF. I believe you need a minimum of 20 posts in order to change the image. That time will come very soon.It's all good my friend. 

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yeah i think you need so many posts to do certain things.Don't worry though in no time you'll have plenty!!!...oh and welcome to smf!!

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Well first off welcome david to SMF. Now if Rich say it you can take it to the bank for he is one with the powers around here. But he's all good.

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Thank you folks for all of y'alls input David

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