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Brisket Pastrami

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Got a packer cut in half to make the flat into a pastrami.


Simple recipe of.


1/4 cup TQ

1/4 cup pack dark brown sugar

1/4 cup black pepper

2 Tbs garlic granuals

1 Tbs ground corriander

1 Tbs whole corriander seeds


You can add whatever you like to the recipe.





Trim some of the fat off.




Next rub the seasoning into the brisket on all sides.



Put the brisket into a zip lock bag and wrap with clear wrap, Try to get as much of the air out as you can. The brisket will go into the fridge for, 4-5 days. Try to turn at least 2 times a day


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I can't wait till this thing is done. Yu have the right start som far. Now I thought that the flat is made into the Corned beef nd the point is normally made into pastrami. Pastrami usually is pretty fatty like the point. Every pastrami that I ever had was pretty fatty to me.



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Looks Good So Far, Can't Wait To See The Finished Product...  I Love Pastrami...

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Now that's a sandwich. In 20 minutes I go to lunch. Mouth is watering now.

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Nice sammie Mark, but where's the mustard?

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That is a sammie you could sink your whole face into - man that looks good

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So cold today that the controls on my MAK and Traeger dont want to work.




Into my Meadow Creek.





Rinsed the first rub off and soaked in cold water bath 2x to take some of the saltiness out.








After the 2 soaks i patted dry and made another dry rub.






Now on my Meadow Creek. 200-225*


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Had to re think the pastrami. Rubbed all the large dry off, re made and ground fine and re applied. Added a water pan to the MC, more lump and took the heat to 250*.



Here is the finished pastrami


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looks tasty!!!

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Looks good. How did it taste?

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im a big fan of pastrami, i usually cheat with the C.B. premade brisky. but now i have to try this one

that sammie was dare i say....O.M.F.G Sexy looking

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Looks good. How did it taste?



I still have it wrapped in clear plastic wrap in the fridge for another day. Then the $ shot

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Un wrapped this morning and sliced up. Taste is really good and puts any store bought to shame.





I'm liking this.






Trying to keep the slices all the same.










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That looks just about like heaven.


I now have another thing I must do soon!

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Wow!  Looks awesome.  I have GOT to try making one of those.  

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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif  Great job....I'm wishing I had some of that Pastrami  for a breakfast sandwich right now. 

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That looks delicious. Your pretty good with a knife too. Looks like you sliced those on a meat slicer. 

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Looks great! You guy's are makin me crazy. My Gotta try list is getting soooo long!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Nice knife skills.  That looks great.  How did you come up with the recipe?  Is the TQ amount based on weight?  Do you use that mix for corned beef, and then just carry it to pastrami?

Again Qview is great, enjoy the sammies.

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Thanks everyone.


The TQ is based on a 6-7 lb flat. Have not done a corned beef, wife not to fond of it.


I been collecting and sharpening knifes since i was 14.




I dont even have a meat slicer...PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif   maybe one these days.


How do i use Qview?

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