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stuffed pork loin

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me and the wife stuffed a pork loin, mushrooms, peppers, fetta cheese, onions and garlic.


IMG_2233 (Medium).JPGIMG_2237 (Medium).JPGIMG_2240 (Medium).JPGIMG_2241 (Medium).JPG


enjoy, it was as good as it looked!!

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That looks amazing.  What wood did you use, what temp smoked at?

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thanks!! i used apple and it ran 250-260 on the temp.

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Fine job! Stuffin loins is always a good way to kill some leftovers..

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nice!nice!nice! love some qview!!

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Looks Delicious...

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Nice job. Wife's been after me to smoke a loin. I like your stuffing choice. So much to smoke so little time.

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Now I like your stuffing in that loin. I havew smoked a many a loin in my past and I really do like them too. Hey Al you really need to smoke one of theses things for the wife. You will really liek it too. 

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