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Arthur Bryant's Spatchcock Chicken Qview

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Greetings All,


So i'm from SC and have been smoking for a few years now, one of our good family friends live in KC and we are always joking about who has the better bbq (even though most of the time he says BBQ, he means grill).


For Christmas, unbeknownst to each other we both got the other rubs and sauces indigenous to our respective areas... one of the rubs he gave me was "Arthur Bryan'ts Fish and Poultry Rub"... so I gave it a try on a chicken I did spatchcock.


Smoked it with Kingsford blue and mesquite chunks at about 225 for a few hours.  I like to do the bulk of the time with the rib cage toward the fire, then the last 45min-hour with the breast side down, to crisp up the skin and give it some nice color.


It actually turned out pretty good, gave the skin a great taste. Enjoy.


uncooked chicken jan2010.jpg






After the smoke bath


cooked chicken jan2010.jpg



just for kicks and gigs, here is a pick of some pulled beef I did on a sammie.  It wasn't enough Qview to create it's own thread, so congrats here's your bonus!



pulled beef sammie.jpg






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Looks good from here. I hear that the AB rub is good stuff.

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Good job onm that yardbird. Like to see inside!

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Looks Good...

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Nice !!!


That color is Awesome!!



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Good looking bird!

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I have to agree with the majority of folks here and say that your yarcbird looks awesome. Now I have never used that rub but I'm always looking for new stuff to try.

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That chicken looks really good! Nice job there fella.

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