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How Embarrassing! Qview

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I saw a puff pastry a while back and made a mental note to do one the next time I had some worthwhile leftovers.

I had a little leftover brisket so I thought I’d give it a try.   


I rolled out the pastry crust, spooned on a little of Jeff’s sauce, laid out some provolone, piled on the shredded brisket, rolled them up, pinched them closed and applied an egg wash.

I popped then into a 300⁰ preheated oven for 30 minutes.


I may just need to leave the baking to those whom are better qualified and stay with my smoker.


Luckily looks ain’t everything.

They still tasted great.


The boss came home from a dinner meeting and had to try a piece “because they smelled so good”








In the words of the wise philosopher, Jed Clampit,   “Pitiful. Plumb pitiful”

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Ouch! Looks like the puffpastry just gave up. LOL


Well at least they tasted good and were edible. biggrin.gif

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Thanks for sharing the qview, and better luck next time! 

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You aren't alone.  We all fail.

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It may look like crap, but as long as it tasted good, it's fine


We've all been there.


Better that it looks bad & tastes good, rather than looks good & tastes bad!

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Those look like they would be really delicious and I'd eat that in a hot second.


We use a lot of puff pastry here and some brands are better than others, one brand, after we roll it out, is impossible to work with, so it could be the brand you bought, you might want to try another one, it shouldn't be sticky to the touch. Also we've found that the rolled pastry is easier to work with than the folded, I hope that helps.


I have some smoked chuck in the freezer, I think I'll try that this week.



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puff pastry needs to be in a 400* MINIMUM in order to "puff"...........

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JIRodriguez has a nice post using puff pastry rolls. Your next try will be better (although it will all taste the same!)

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Still looks good to me! Sometimes even fails taste awesome!!

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Also I have found that you want to manipulate the puff pastry as little as possible.  Puff pastry is a layered pastry.  If you work it to much the layers will get stick together an not puff properly.


I like a light flakey puff pastry, so I guess it is all in what you are looking for.

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Originally Posted by chefrob View Post

puff pastry needs to be in a 400* MINIMUM in order to "puff"...........

And depending on how much sauce you put in there, the sauce boiled a hole in the pastry.  I do a lot with puff pastry and you can use 350 with no liquid but 400 is better


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I'd eat it! It ain't burn't so what the hay? Jed.  :)

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Mighty ugly looking, but the taste is what counts. I'm sure next time will be better. Thanks for sharing, we all do it.

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With BBQ if it looks bad and tastes good once it is gone who cares...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Hand me a fork, I'll eat it.

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As long as it tasted good then all is good, If we did not have these mishaps then success would not be as fun.  Try it again with what you have learned and I bet it still tastes great and will look better

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I have no baking skills either. Hang in there someone can help you out on that but it definitely isn't me.

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I would have went with a higher heat too but I bet it tasted great! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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They don't look too bad, I'd eat them!   Maybe you could rename them Poof-pastry

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I'd eat that!!!


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