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Thanks for sharing all of it.

It all looks sooooo good!


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Nice job Al & Bob!!!


Looks like you guys had a Blast!


Nice color on the Bacon & Sausage!


Thanks for the show guys!




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Al, Thanks to You and liz for having us up to the farm. Got my first chance to use a smokehouse . I know i asked alot of ??? But that's how you learn. Really ate and drank well the whole weekend and had a great time.

 Got the bellies home and cut them in quarters and fileted the rind off of all of them. Bagged and in the freezer, will slice one of the nicest slabs for BLTs mon. Night.

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Oh yea, My chihuahua has a new favorite smell. It's called smokey pig.

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Everything looks great!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Good lookin stuff there Al. Question, What are the colored wire ties on the bacon for? Different cures or wieghts or........?

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That looks...Fabulousicon_exclaim.gif


All of it and a perfect meal too for a cold day. 

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The colored ties are to identify the bellies so I knew there precooked weights.    I was trying to get an idea of the weight change after curing and after smoking.


I don't have exact numbers in front of me but I think they lost about 7% of their original weight by the time they came out of the smoke.


Thanks for the good vibes guys



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All looks great!


19 hours------That's the way to cold-smoke----Nice Color!!!



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OMG!!! Just fried up 1.5 lbs of this bacon sliced thin and ev1 here says it made the best BLT's ever.

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very nice al......

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Tell you what Bob, we been chewing on the Andouille for dinner and I am real happy the way it came out.  The heat and paprika is starting to show itself a bit more after the sausage rested for a day or so.


Glad you liked the bacon, you kept a good, even smoke going all night.  Did it have any sweetness to it?  I haven't had any yet.



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yes it is perfect  . a lil sweet , a lil salt.

 i tried a few end pieces as a test fry when i sliced and they were pretty salty . but the stuff i sliced for sammies was excellent

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That all looks absolutely amazing

Highly impressed with ALL of it

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