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First Turkey w/ Qview

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I finally did my first my first turkey on the CharGriller Duo.  I brined it using cranberry/apple juice with some cloves, garlic and orange slices.  Tasted great although next time I will use apple wood instead of hickory was a little to smoky for my taste.  The CharGriller is modified with propane.  It did take some time messing with the firebox to get a good thin blue smoke but all is good now.100_1337.JPG100_1338.JPG

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Looks great!! I have a duo also,you say that you put propane to your firebox? Did you post this earlier? I am curious about it as i may want to do something like that with mine! More info on it please!

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Looks great! nice job!

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As for the propane firebox, I did what others have done.  Just used a turkey fryer burner and I'm using a coffee can on its side for a smoke box.  I tried a cast iron pan and bread pans for the smoke box but both would cause the chunks to catch on fire.  The can works great so far.

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Turkey Looks Great, Has Nice Color...

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Now thats a perfect smoke there. The bird looks awesome and the ABT's look pretty good Thye look like they need alittle more smoke in the picture. Then youhave the PERFECT picture of the Thin Blue Smoke.  Hey there brian, Jerry, Rich, someone has to put that picture into Wiki.

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