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My first Qview Pork butt

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  This is my first attempt at posting Q-view with my second smoked butt. Picture 117.jpgPicture 119.jpgPicture 121.jpgPicture 118.jpg

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It looks great!!! nice job...Where did you get that pan?? is it from your oven? Did you smoke it in that pan? Sorry that pan just looks like a good pan to smoke in is all.

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Great Looking Butt...

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looks tasty to me!

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Yes sir you have done really good. The butt looks awesome and I see that you figured out how to post your Q-view.

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Good lookin but for sure! Smiking in a pan sure does make for a clean smoker at the end of the day..

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 The pan just worked. It is a roasting pan I bought this fall for T-day turkey. I rubbed in it then finished in the oven and pulled in it. Smoked on the grate.  Still working on getting Qview to work right as you saw my first post of the same butt. Thanks for the compliments.It was tasty!

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Nice bark bro.  Good job.

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Looks pretty good!

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EXCELLENT!!   PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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