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Big ol jalapenos!!! With Q-View! New pic!

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Got these at my last trip to Super H Mart.

Going to put a layer of my habenero sausage under the cheese.

More pics as I progress.




















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Cool man.  All kinds of stuffing possibilites with those big daddies. 

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looking good

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I would test them for steroids. You know punch one and see how hard it hits back. If you go flying across the room it's on steroids and they will be tough.

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We had some jumbo's like that at our Walmart last week, there so dang big you need a knife and fork to eat em. They are tasty though! 

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The variety of those jalapenos look like the ones that we grow.If they are they are called the mammoth jalapeno,i belive you can find the seeds in rupp seeds or harris seed companies.And they do get BIG.

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Nice Japs, those make good ABTs...


Here are some I got a while back...


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Man those are some large peppers for sure. Cant wait to see the ABT's

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they look good but how's the flavor and is there any heat? i notice that sometimes the bigger ones lack in those areas.........but stll great for stuffing!

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The flavor was great on mine, and there was plenty of heat even with all the seeds & veins removed. The biggest challenge is to get a strip of bacon long enough to wrap around them a couple of times.

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Look Out !


Hot stuff comin' thru !!!






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Finally got them smoked. Cheddar and a slice of the habenero sausage.

Covered with and wrapped with the extra pepper homemade bacon.

The Woman says..EEEK  too hot!

Kinda tasty I thought.




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they look great to me...tell her i'll take her share if she don't want them!!!!

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Les beat me to it! I was gonna call dibs. lol  Looks great!!

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They look as good as I've ever seen, nice!

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She said too hot, not I am not gonna eat them.

They are gone.


Thanks for all the nice comments.



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I love finding those huge Jalapenos and stuffing them full of different things.  I'll take smoked sausage, or lil' smokies sometimes.  Other times, I use some leftover pulled pork.  Possibilities are endless when you have that big of a pepper to fill up.


Yours look amazing.

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Those look good Craig...

The only problem I found with the great big ones is they render my ABT rack useless...

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Those are beauties.

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