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Gametime Leftover PP BBQ pizza

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Decided to use some of the leftover PP from yesterday to make a PP BBQ pizza for halftime tonight.Used my jalapeno/rasberry bbq sauce then the leftoverPP and topped with mozzarella cheese.In the oven for 20 mins. at 425.Wife made her homeade pizza dough for me.Here's some pics!!!


pizza resize.jpg

And a close up!!!

pizza close resize.jpg


Its been a pork weekend for us!!!! Next are going to be some more snacksticks!!!

        Thanks for looking---LES

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Nice! We need the recipe for the dough.........icon_biggrin.gif

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Great looking pizza - we do need to see the recipe for the dough

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Looks awesome
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Very nice looking pizza. I know it's really good to cause I have also made them and their really good too. I hope that you wouldn't rooting for the Pat's last night.

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mballi... no i wasn't for the pats..I'm closer to ny so i wanted them to win,just didn't think they would against the pats!!! But a happy outcome in my view.

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Pizza Looks Delicious...

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