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Gametime Smoked Pulled Pork Nachos. Qview!!

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Felt like some nachos for the games on saturday so i thought why not some bbq pulled pork on top.I found a 7 lbs. bone in butt at my local mom and pop store that looked pretty nice so i got it.Trimmed the fat cap some and rubbed it down with mustard the my rub i made,nothing fancy brown sugar,garlic,onion,cinnamon,ect,ect.

rubbed resize.jpg

Put it on the ecb at 8am with some cherry and hickory chunks.Watched it pretty close cause it was cold and the ecb is tempramental sometimes.It ran good and i was able to keep it around 235-250 the whole time so i was happy.While the butt was smoking i made up a quick batch of jalapeno/raspberry bbq sauce.


bbq sauce resize.jpg

When the butt hit 165 i pulled it and wrapped in foil,then put it in my preheated mes to finish.I did this cause the brisket i did in my mes was the most tender i have ever done so i wanted to try starting with my charcoal to get the flavor then to the mes for the tender.I finishedit at 201 and put in in my cooler for a hour to "chill". I think it worked out awesome.


not pulled resize.jpg

The bone pulled right out.It was very tender!!


boneout resize.jpg

Pulled it and added a litte of the juice the pan,i did not cook it in the foil pan.This is just the juice that was in the foil after the "chill"


pulled resize1.jpg

Close up


closeup pulled resize.jpg

Made up a plate: chips,pork,chedder cheese,and some jalapeno/raspberry bbq sauce.


nachos resize.jpg

And a close up just cause!!!lol


closeup nachos resize.jpg

This was a awesome plate of nachos!!! The leftover PP is going to be chopped up for some homeade ravioli. Thanks for looking!---LES

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Oh I love Porkacho's. We make them quite frequently. I use to make them using just chicken but the pulled pork gives them such a great flavor that I started using PP instead.

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Looks great! Talk about comfort food..

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That looks gooood! I like the ravioli idea too! mmmmmmmm burrito comes to mind. 

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Now that is what I call Nachos...  Looks Great...

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Great job!!
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That looks awesome.

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We have got to party together as some point.  That looks great!

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That looks awesome, however where's the Habanero sauce? I like pain! icon_mrgreen.gif

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Great job and nice post. I could handle a plate of that for sure

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Now the Nachos look awesome and I know that the raviolis will be great to. Just make sure not to overstuffed them I did and they broke open when I boiled them. Not Good

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Hope that don't happen!! The wife has a ravioli maker so i belive all is good....hopefully!!!

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