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Sunday's Smoke: Chuckies and Beef Ribs

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My dad called the other night and asked if I would smoke a couple of chuck roasts he had picked up (and even offered to split them with me).  Well, I can't tell dad no, because I'm the best daughter ever! So I also picked up some beef ribs so the smoker wouldn't get too lonely.  Using mostly hickory with a touch of mesquite thrown in.


This is a pic of the 2 chucks





Here is the bigger one with just EVOO, salt, CBP, and garlic powder





Here is the smaller chuck rubbed with a concoction one of my brothers gave me.  HAd used it at Christmas for my ham





And here are the beef ribs with the same rub


Will update as it progresses.   Smoker sitting stable at 228. 

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Waiting for some great Qview on this one.

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Looking forward to the results!

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Looking Good Mrs B...

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After 2 hours I foiled the ribs with some apple juice 




Surprisingly after 2 hours 15 min the little guy was at 165 so foiled with apple juice.  I think this is the piece I will take to 205 to pull





Then even more surprisingly, 30 minutes later the bigger one was at 165.  Foiled with apple juice.  Plan to pull at 190 to slice






Will have final pics up a bit later.  Then I will run to my dads and take him his goodies.  Then come home and to bed!!!!  Had my husbands holiday party last night at the Westin and he had won a hotel room.  So we stayed there last night, and well you just don't seem to sleep as much in a nice hotel room as opposed to homebiggrin.gif.  Plus still feeling a bit of the alcohol from the 5 hour open bar.

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Dinner was the ribs.  They got a little dry, I basically did a 2-2-.5 with them.  But had 2 flare ups during the first 2 hours and a few of these guys were victims.  Kids still said they were good though so I'm happy with that.



Heres little guy after an hours rest




And here he is all pulled




And the bigger one after an hours rest (rather bad pic)




And sliced






And the liquid gold






Thanks for looking

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Looks excellent Mrs B! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Beef short ribs have to be my favorite food group, next to chocolate. biggrin.gif

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LOOKS GOOD TO ME!!! nice job!

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Looking good Mrs B - I would love a plate of that for sure

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Well everything that you smoked looks great and I know that they tasted the same too. Now for you short ribs I have found out doing them with a probe thermo and taking them to 205°-210° they will turn out better. Then also I see that you got your meat from Sam's. Ask the butcher wanta be's there if they can give you the short ribs before they cut them up. Now they will be long boned short ribs or as I/we call them here Dino Bones. I did some the other day and they came out great. 

Your chuckies look wonderfull too. I really like them pulled they just have a really good taste to them too.

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Nice looking chuckies. How did the dad like them??

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Great looking smoke ring!!!

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Yes I agree nice smoke ring. Everything looks excellent. Great job!

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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

Nice looking chuckies. How did the dad like them??

 Dad and mom liked both very well.  Of course, what else are they gonna tell me?  They sampled both when I dropped them off and dad wanted to know all the details of the smoke.  He smokes also, but I think the cold temperatures don't agree with him so thats why he asked me to do them.  My dad is awesome!!! (mom too)

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