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MES and Snack Sticks

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I am hoping in the next week or so to make some venison snack sticks in my MES. Was curious if any one had recommended temps and how long it takes the sticks to get done. Any tips on doing them or past links to previous post would be great.

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I have done snack sticks many times and sent them to Iraq alott too. Now I would use some cure in them and let it rest overnight in the refrig and then stuff them. I have always used the colligine casing for them too. Now you can buy some kits for Gander Mtn and Academy too I think. I like the ones from Gander the best and then I toy with them add some heat and other spices too. Now you can play with the spices if you want. My advice on that is to keep notes and if they come put good you will have an idea of what you put into them unlike me.

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I am hooked on snacksticks now.After my first time i had to order more casings and cures to make more they should be here soon i hope! Below is my link to the first ones i tried...I think i would start out the heat a little low this time maybe start out at 120 for a hour then up to 135 and so on every hour till they hit 158-160.How make sure you take lots of pictures cause we love pictures!!! Good luck.

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