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OK guys, I just bought a 9 lb. sirloin tip roast. Cost me $37. Gonna get it rubbed & on the smoker. Will let you'all know how it turns out.

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Al old friend you just paid 37.00 for a 9 lb sirloin tip. I have a bridge I'll sell you for alittle more. Holy cow that's ridiculous. I spend like 13-15 bucks for one up here in Jax. Nextime look in Winn Dixie's flyers and they have them buy one get one free. Wait a minute you went to Publix's didn't you. Heck if your Walmart has good meat and if is the big question. I would look around maybe you can get into a restaurant depot if you are a bussiness owner and they have really good prices. I know where youlife and the prices shouldn't be that high. I have built acouple of Gate stores down there.

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Mark, I was at Winn-Dixie & the price was the same there. I could have bought bottom round for $13, but the sirloin tip was a little over $4 a pound at both stores. Next time I will wait for it to go on sale, but we wanted to smoke one this weekend. What I really have been waiting to get on sale is a bone in ribeye roast. There about $9 a pound around here. I am hoping they will go on sale around Easter. By the way most of Walmart's meat is not too good.

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Al that's a crazy price but it's the price I usually find around here unless I can catch them on sale. There is a store up near camp that will put the whole sirloin tip roast on say for 1.99 several times a year and I try to stock up on them when they have it.

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Yea Piney that's my plan, I'll be watching the paper & will stock up when the price drops. My wife says that big roasts will be on sale around Easter, so I might have to wait till then. What part of Florida are you in?

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Dont they have butchers in Florida? Of coarse they do go ask em to cut you a tri-tip.You wont be dissapointed just sayingicon_lol.gif

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David, Believe it or not there is not one meat mkt. or butcher shop in Highlands County where I live.

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Hi AL we at home love to use topside(toprump) for Sammie's just do it low and slow .we don't go crazy with spices just olive oil salt and pepper.

on a good bread with good german mustard oh boy oh boy


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Here's one I did a few months ago!! 


They had some huge Sirloin tip roasts at Winn Dixie yesterday... $ 3.69.



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Wow AL i cant believe it but you would know better than me.Thats just not right.Just a thought you should open one up could be very proffitable.


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Originally Posted by PignIt View Post

I just use any kind of beef roast that's on sale. There are so many crazy cuts of beef out there with whatever name the butcher wants to call them it's hard to define.... but I buy a big fat beef roast and it's roast beef time. Remember not to probe on start up.

look who's back...................


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hey al , i tried something a little different yesterday , i had a 5 # BOTTOM ROUND roast , smoked it at 240 till 135 internal , about 2 hrs . wrapped it , rested it then sliced it real thin . it came out delicious but i knew that it was gonna be better today as sammies . i was right , i had injected it so it was very juicy and cooked to what i call a perfect med rare . try it , i think you will be pleasantly surprised

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Sirloin tip is good, as is top round.  Bottom round can be tougher (what's really tougher is not having any... lol!) and eye of the round is good but hard to hit the temp without having it too done on the edges, you need the bulk of a larger roast.  if money was no object, i'd lean towards a whole top sirloin butt, myself, and trim the outside fat after cooking (leave some on for my share... lol!).

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