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Man O Man them sound and look good.. Nice jobdrool.gif

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They were great. Nice and Spicy all the way through the egg without being overpowering. Plus the 2 months of pickling were apparently the right amount of time for a large amounts of eggs...

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I was wondering when those eggs were going to show up.......... I am surprised they're not red on the outside like the ones with food coloring you buy at a grocery. Dont know why they do that but yours looks great with a little surprize. jaw-dropping.gif  some heat.............

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Yeah the perfect little surprise, some good heat. I've had the red one's from the stores that have food coloring and I've always found them a bit tasteless and rubbery, but with good color. I'd rather have mine like these any day. Still soft yet firm, great spice and flavor even if the color didn't change, which honestly I've only had happen one time. When I made teriyaki flavored eggs and they came out a weird brown color biggrin.gif

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nice update to keep the thread alive....don't know how you could forget something so good looking for 2 should let the brother-in-law root around in your fridge more often...who knows what delicacies are in there....some smoked cheese perhaps? I can see a jar of these going to the boys at the bar....soon

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Nice spicy pickled eggs.


Did you use the cider vinegar in the recipe also?

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Great job. I'd have to make those and promise to only eat them when momma is out of town!!

Gotta love Sriracha Chili Sauce. It's become the new catsup!!

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

Nice spicy pickled eggs.


Did you use the cider vinegar in the recipe also?

I've used it it the past but not this time. I just never removed it before taking the pictures...

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A h........... Interesting   ill  give it a go  

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Originally Posted by AK1 View Post

Just lookin' at those eggs makes me want to farticon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif


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I'm getting into canning, just started learning to smoke and make dry sausage.  So with the eggs, can they stay in the brine indefinately?  Or for long term non-refrigerated storage should you pressure can them?

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I have no idea if they can be pressure canned, but the National Center for Home Food Preservation recommends not leaving them in the brine for more than 4 months. Mine never make it past the 2 month mark...

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