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Heard from the boy!

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They been keepin him awful busy, lots a convoy missons.

He just got back ta there base, got snowed in a pass an spent 4 days in his truck, didn't really enjoy it. He said it was droppin 13" a hour on em an they just couldn't risk movin on the switch backs.

On there way back a Afgan driver fell asleep an drove through to houses before goin over a 3000' cliff! Wonder what he got fer virgins?

Were gettin excited cause he comes home on leave in February!yahoo.gif
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Thats Great.  Feb is right around the corner

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Good th hear he's safe!!! And tell him THANK YOU for all he does!

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Tip I said a little something for your son and the rest of our soldiers keeping us safe. Amen. Now I can sleep tonight. Bless Our Troops!

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Glad you got to hear from him Tip and that he is safe. I'm still saying a prayer for him

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We're thinking about all the boys over there and we are extremely grateful for them.

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Tip, on the bright side, with him being from Northern Iowa he is used to lots of the white stuff...LOL


Our prayers are with him and all others who are serving in the Military...

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Safe prayers for your son and the rest of our troops! Glad do hear you boy is doing well and hopefully Feb. well get here super fast for you guys!

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good news tip............may he keep safe.

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tip think him for me also

he and all the other guys and gals are why we can stay save and free for now.

next week who knows? PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif

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All I can say is a heartfelt Thank you to your boy for keeping us free and for you in raising such a good man.

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That is great news Tip. Glad he is being safe. Bless him for his service  

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God Bless & Great News... I will keep him and your family in my prayers!

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That's great Tip!!!


February will be a great month, for a change. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif


God Bless him & his.



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I feel your pain there Tip. Our son has been to Iraq 3 times and won't be going back anymore. I'm glad that you have heard from him too. He and all of his buddies are always in our prays for their safe return. Now if you can get him one of those small laptops he might be able to use Skype it is a great things and thats about the only way don's mom stayed sane believe you me.

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He's got a laptop with him, but where there at the internet, what little there be, is very expensive.  The few phones there are have huge lines a folks waitin ta use em.  Him an a buddy wen't in tagether an got a cell phone over there.  It ain't cheap, but they can call when they wan't ta that way.


The calls er few, but we treasure each one.

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Good news!  Give him our best and send our thanks to him and all his buddies.  We love and respect them, and we pray for their safe return. 

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When he gets back please than him for his service from me and my family... we appreciate all they do to preserve our freedom

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