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First go at Andouille

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Hey everyone, had my first go at Adouille. Ground, mixed and stuffed it yesterday, smoked it today and I think it came out great. One question, does it make a difference if you grind the meat then mix the seasoning, or put it all together and grind it to mix it. I did the later and as I said it came great.


Before smoking


Andouille 3.jpg






Andouille 1.jpg

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Congrats on your first Andouille PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif


I have'nt tried it yet but it's on the TD list

Thanks for sharing

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Looking good!!

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Great looking sausage ya got there! I will defiantly be trying that someday.

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Now I have seen recipes that call for you to mix it first amnd then grind and then I have seen them say the other. I have done it both ways and to me it doesn't taste any better or worst. I just follow the directions for I haven't been making sausage that long and I'm still following directions.

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I chop the meat and then mix in the spices.

Where did you get your recipe?



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Nice work. looks like it should be hangin in a deli.........before or after it doesnt matter but most common is after

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I usually cut the meat into the chunks I am going to grind then season them and run the meat thru the grinder. But I have done it both ways and I dont see a lot of difference as long as you mix it well

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Thanks..they have lots of recipes there. I am stuffing some andouille today.

Here's the recipe I use. 


 Have a great day!!



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Hmm.. I grind coarse plate, then mixed in spice, then ground medium plate and then stuffed. Is this not correct? Only been making venison sausage so far.


Can't wait to make andouille and well.. all the other smoked sausages once I can finally get my MES.


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Do you have my address,cause i ll be needing a couple of lbs. of themicon_wink.gif they look pretty serious .Sausage making is  something else i want to get into....someday

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Great looking Andouille...

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