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Smoked Beef Short Ribs...... Gnocchi Stew

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Had some short ribs to use up in the freezer.  I think the problem with short ribs is to many people try and eat them like ribs.  I use them a little differently.

I find it best made into a stew.  A nice Gnocchi short rib stew.  Of course we should smoke and low and slow them for maximum flavor.


Add some oak and hickory smoke.  And they will finish up nicely.



Let them cool overnight and the next day start the vegetables sweating down.


After sweating the trinity it is time to start adding the rest of the vegetables, while they start to sweat it is time to bone the ribs out and get the meat sliced up.






Starting to fill the pot up.  Taking the potato and run it through the ricer. Then add the egg and flour and run it through the gnocchi machine.  Let them dry in a bowl for a while.  When they have stiffened up time to add the beef stock to heat them back up and start the pasta process.  Technically a dumpling, but still can easily be consider a potato pasta.


Make up some pan drippings into a beef stock and thicken it with some corn starch.


Then this starts to fill the pot up.






Then you bowl it and eat it.  Was very good.


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Yum!!  What great looking comfort food!  Gnocchi are my son's favorite pasta, but I've yet to make them quite as good as he'd like! Our local restaurant sets that bar pretty high.

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WOW that looks good

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Bob - we make them by hand. What is a gnocci machine?

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Looking warm, rich and festive that's what your soup looks like from here. 

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I made olive gardens chicken gnocchi soup today . Stuf is fantastic ,Glad i made 3 gallons

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no bread? yer slackin' bob.........................looks good.

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What a great meal for a cold winter day. Looks delicious! Great job!

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That looks great. I love gnocchi. I never thought of using them in a stew. I usually have them with whatever Italian I'm having instead of pasta. I think a hunk of that leftover brisket I froze is going to become a beef gnocchi stew now.

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Nice job, I could go for a bowl of that right now!

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