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Cold Winter smoke

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So I thought I'd see if the new MES would start up by itself on a cold winter morning.

jan09 005.JPG


and it did, so I slathered up a rib roast with mustard and put a rub on it.


jan09 002.JPG


And since I can't smoke anything without a few cubanelle peppers stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon, I made a few of those.


jan09 004.JPG


Here are the peppers and rib roast after a few hours.


jan09 008.JPG




jan09 012.JPG

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 Looks great!! what was the temp outside when you started up??  When i started up this morning it was 15-19 out and the mes was a no go,had to do the hot water trick!!

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It was in the low 20's and extremly windy, and I thought for sure I'd have to warm her up, but she fired right up.

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MMMMMM! Nice looking grub, Thanks for sharing.

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Looks way good!

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Great looking rib roast there!

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Nice Job! looks awesome!

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Nice looking Rib Roast there. Man, its almost lunchtime....why do I look at this forum before lunch!

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