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THUNDER thighs

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recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks by the jamisons   "smoke and spice"


chicken thighs covered with a peanut butter, curry mixture


1-08-11 005.jpg



1-08-11 006.jpg



1-08-11 007.jpg



1-08-11 015.jpg




1-08-11 018.jpg

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WOW I love peanut butter

How was the taste

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RUN RUN everyone it's the SWamp Thang no no the really Swamp Thing........... and it's made of chicken we thought it was just a really ugly GATor

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Nice mix of flavors.  Looks great.

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That's looking good, another for the list. icon_cool.gif

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Looks and sounds good Mark...

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I would love a taste of that, sounds very good.

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that looks tasty! 

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